55 colleges under investigation for assault

The U.S. Department of Education on Thursday released a comprehensive list of 55 colleges and universities under Title IX investigation.

The institutions are currently under review by the department’s Office for Civil Rights for allegedly mishandling sexual assault and harassment on campus. 

Student Suspended After Hugging Teacher


Seventeen-year-old Sam McNair is currently serving a year-long suspension from school for hugging and allegedly kissing a teacher. McNair was suspended after it was determined that McNair had violated the sexual harassment rules of his suburban Atlanta school district, Gwinnett County Schools, and the suspension may jeopardize his ability to graduate next spring.

60% of Black Girls Are Sexually Assaulted

This is very disappointing and alarming news.

According to a studying still being conducted by Black Women’s Blueprint, 60% of Black women have experienced sexual abuse from black men before the age of 18.

Even more chilling is the fact that these numbers are actually an increase from previous findings.

From NewsOne:

“Farah Tanis, Co-Founder of the New York-based organization and co-author of the study, says the issue of domestic and sexual abuse in the black community is rarely discussed and that a sixty percent rate should be a wake-up call to black women.

VIDEO: 4th Woman Accuses Herman Cain of Sexual Harassment


A fourth woman has come forward claiming sexual harassment at the hands of GOP Presidential candidate, Herman Cain.

Represented and flanked by celebrity prosecutor Gloria Allred, Sharon Bailek got super specific at a press conference today, alleging that Cain tried to touch her inappropriately way back in 1997.

According to the Grio:

I Know Why Black Men act the Way they Act: Peter Pan Syndrome!!

As I walked home yesterday from the market with my several bags of groceries and my godson in toe being harassed by young black men who probably could be my nephews, I finally understood why many Black men act the way they do. Why they are completely impervious to emotions. Why they can sleep with countless numbers of women and men and deny their sexuality. Why they have so much free time to harass me as I walk down the street (al. holding constant the double digit unemployment rate in the black community). Why they can walk away from raising their children. Yes, I know why they act the way they act. It’s pretty simple. They have no social responsibility and by extension no emotional responsibility.

“Ooh, I’m gonna tell My Daddy what you did”: My Father my Imagined Black Superhero, The Black Texan

What happened this week that made me imagine my father a superhero:

This week, I went to the doctor to check on my blood pressure. A couple of weeks ago it was a tad bit above the normal rate and so my doctor wanted to monitor it. So, I scheduled an appointment to come in this week. So, I go in and the nurse takes my blood pressure and it’s perfectly normal. So, upon hearing this I thought I could leave, but the nurse said I still had to see the doctor. To make a long story short, I saw a white male doctor who I had have never met before and instead of checking on my heart, he felt it “appropriate” to discuss my sexuality, to make racial innuendos about black women’s hypersexuality and STD rates, to discuss my “pear” shape of a black derrière, and to slide his ungloved hand under my shirt to touch my belly without cause or provocation.

Yep, this is what happened to me this week. And, of course, I felt silenced throughout the entire ordeal trying to figure out how my sexuality and the need to touch my belly had anything to do with my perfectly normal blood pressure reading. Nothing it had nothing to do with it. This older white male doctor, who appeared to be congenial, in a matter of moments, stole my ability to breathe, and, honestly, after it happened all that I could think about was, “If my father was here, he would whoop his ass.” Yes, in that moment, I wished my recovering alcoholic father who I know can fight (i.e. Evidenced by my mothers’ many blackened eyes growing up), was present to punch the white doctor in his eye Superhero style with BAM, WHAM, and a Whoosh.