One and Done

Many of us have managed to emerge from the cocoon of four days of March Madness, only to arrive at work or school or wherever our Monday duties lead us with busted brackets and memories of incredibly close games and buzzer beaters. Many of the Goliath basketball programs–the Dukes (yea!), the Kansases, the North Carolinas, the Syracuses–have been sent packing early, while other, smaller or less prestigious basketball programs–the Daytons, the San Diego States–have survived and advanced. Indeed, a powerhouse will likely win the tournament, but the fact that Wichita State, for example, managed to get a one-seed in this tournament is of note.

Sports reporter Pam Oliver brushes off criticism about hair


Many football lovers took time away from the game to make fun of FOX Sports reporter Pam Oliver’s hair.

Last month during the NFC Championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, fans used social media as a tool express their disapproval.

Oliver has finally responded to the criticism, which took shape in the form of memes, tweets and viral videos.