Activist Marlon Peterson tells TED Talk audience ‘I am what garbage looks like’ [VIDEO]

“Am I not human?” This one of the questions Marlon Peterson, a human rights activist and writer, asked during his recent TED Talk.

Peterson connects his experiences coming from an immigrant community and family and the ways he was systematically criminalized in the United States. Following his arrest and incarceration, Peterson reflects on how his experience in the New York State prison system influenced his endeavors to reform the criminal justice system.

Watch This Black Woman Tell Corporations How to End Colorism

Many people of color face implicit and explicit racism in their daily lives. A byproduct of that reality is something called “colorism.” In short, colorism is the discrimination against people who have darker skin. And Chika Okoro, a Stanford University graduate student, recently gave a TED Talk encouraging corporations to do something about it.

Bakari Kitwana Gives Ted Talk On “The Ferguson Effect”

After Ferguson, MO residents took to the streets following Mike Brown’s fatal shooting at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson, police officers everywhere felt that they were being placed under a microscope. And with news of every instance of police gunning down (often unarmed) black civilians, that feeling only increased.

Eventually, a belief formed that officers had started becoming hesitant about doing their jobs out of fear of becoming the next face of police brutality. An assumed result of this was an increase in crime in communities where the public expressed discomfort and anger towards local police. This went on to be coined as “The Ferguson Effect.”