Coalition of Celebrities Call on President Obama to Reform Drug Laws

Over 100 entertainers have banded together to call on President Obama to change America’s drug laws.

Led by Russell Simmons, the coalition presented a letter to the President on Tuesday, calling for intervention and rehabilitation instead of jail time for non-violent offenders.

From the Associated Press:

The starry group, which also includes Jennifer Hudson, Nicki Minaj, Susan Sarandon and Will Smith, also asks Obama to form a panel to handle clemency requests and to support a measure that allows judges to waive mandatory minimum sentences.

Majority of Americans Think States Should Decide Whether to Legalize Marijuana; What Do You Think?

According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans believe states should be allowed to decide whether to legalize marijuana.

59 percent of respondent said the decision is up to the states; 34 percent thought the federal government should decide.

From Think Progress:

The Controlled Substances Act makes marijuana and other drugs illegal under federal law, but it does not dictate how the states handle drug policy.