Some of My Best Friends Give CPAC Speeches

Conservatives Conference

The interesting thing about the GOP to me is they seem to have this attitude that if they don’t acknowledge it, then it’s simply not true. It’s a great strategy on the surface, but inevitably it always leaves them looking extremely insincere. At this years Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC they had a “Black” man Allen West, Republican Congressman from Florida, as the keynote speaker. To them it meant that conservatives aren’t racist, no matter how low their attacks on President Obama go (Communist, Illegal Alien, Muslim, N-Word), because one of their best friends, Allen West, gave the keynote.

This is the same tired argument that the Tea Party gives, that despite the racist rhetoric, signs, and t-shirts, the Tea Party isn’t racist because they have black members. Instead of actually having a real intelligent conversation about racism and white supremacy, the GOP strut out this years token black to show their “diversity“. And diversity to them means parroting all of the GOP talking points and leaving any independent thinking at the door. So Allen West’s speech was just like all the other “conservative” speeches you’ve ever heard.

T.G.I.T.T.B. (Thank God It's The Token Blacky)

What’s scarier than a racist that calls out “nigger” or “coon” viciously? The racist who’s night you save by being the “token blacky”. I pose two disappointments for the eager audience at a non-black party: no weed and no freestyle. Still I manage to be the life of the party, dougieing on every song, judging rap skills, and—check this out—having big lips. Although I get a lot more love at these parties, I can’t help but realize how socially destructive they are. What’s really under all this amusement is a non-black majority (usually White) taking delight in my abnormality.