White fraternity goes unpunished for harassing black sorority





A college campus remains divided after members of a white fraternity received no punishment for harassing members of a black sorority.

Audience members including student leaders and alumni at the University of Connecticut felt disrespected by responses from some of the panelists who spoke at a town hall meeting hosted by the African American Cultural Center Monday evening. 

Oberlin College Cancels Classes for ‘Day of Solidarity’ After Multiple Incidents of Hate on Campus

Oberlin College canceled Monday’s classes to hold a “Day of Solidarity” after a spate of racially-charged incidents on campus.

The college has endured multiple acts of vandalism; including defaced Black History Month Posters, swastikas, and LGBTQ centers.

The hateful antics reached a fever pitch after a person was spotted on campus wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

It was the seventh hate incident at Oberlin in the past month.

Waverly High School: Why White Students Parodying Domestic Violence in Blackface is Problematic

By Tiff J

With the encouragement of faculty and the Waverly community, three students at the predominantly White Waverly High School in upstate New York , decided it’d be a great idea to don Blackface and parody Chris Brown’s infamous 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna as a homecoming pep rally skit.   

The re-enactment was apparently one of a series of pop-culture parodies performed at the high school as part of their annual “Mr. Waverly” competition, where male students jockey to get the loudest cheers from their peers. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the mere idea of mocking domestic violence while wearing Blackface is unfathomable on many levels and so should have signaled red flags for pep rally coordinators and faculty advisors. Domestic violence used as a vehicle for comedy (at a learning establishment no less) coupled with flagrantly racist undertones is especially troubling. That the skit was allowed to be carried out to fruition, without any intervention from school administrators, is flummoxing.

Frank Ocean Comes Out

R&B singer and Odd Future member Frank Ocean came out of the closet yesterday, writing a poetic blog in which he admitted that his first love was a man.

“‘4 summers ago, I met somebody,’ he wrote. ‘I was 19 years old. He was too. We spent that summer, and the summer after, together.  By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless. There was no escaping, no negotiating with the feeling. No choice. It was my first love, it changed my life.'”

Ocean’s admission is relatively unheard of in mainstream Hip Hop, and will certainly make waves across the music world.

Jay-Z Comes Out In Support of Gay Marriage

Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z has come out in support of President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage.

Speaking with CNN, Jay-Z called supporting gay marriage “the right thing to do.

Jay joins prominent African Americans like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Will Smith in voicing their support for marriage equality in the wake of President Obama’s historic announcement last week.

LGBT Tolerance in the Black Community: Have We Turned our Backs?

When my mom first told me she was a lesbian, I was 16 years old and in my Junior year of high school. I remember she asked my older sister and me to come into the living room because she wanted to talk. She looked so serious and slightly concerned that my best guess was that she was pregnant. Clearly, I was off the mark. When she hesitantly told us her news, I think part of her was expecting us to be upset, despite knowing she raised us to react better than that. Perhaps she recognized there’s a difference between teaching your kids to be tolerant and actually being the person they need to “tolerate”.