On The Front-line With The Gender-Conscious Black Male

This one tells the story of the gender-conscious black male. Nothing is special about these individuals, but the universal disregard for womyn ensures problems in recognition. The people that we showcase, that we respect or esteem at high levels, reflect our understanding of society. What makes us proud of other people is our comparison of their swagger to what everyone else does. Since womyn are invisible in almost every circle of the black community, the black man that cares about the womyn’s experience will be recognized as exceptional. As black folk headed in the direction of a new experience of America it helps to pay attention to who we think are cool.

Black Apathy: Believing That Racism Is Normal


Along this path through American history my people have forgotten how to dream. My people are playing their part in making the black/white problem normal. How can you blame us? Our concept of “reality” constantly proves the impossibilities of our imagination, our creativity. What is real, for folks like us, has no conditions. Unfortunately, reality does not await the actions of people of color; we are still mystified, lost to ourselves.