‘Iron Fist’ Actor Deletes Twitter After Sparking Debate About Diversity And Representation

For those who aren’t as deep into the nerd space as others, Netflix is preparing to release a new Marvel series later this month based on the character of Iron Fist. According to the source material, Iron Fist is about a young man named Danny Rand who travels to a fictional Asian country, learns their sacred martial arts and somehow becomes the best at them, then comes back to the United States to fight evil and corruption.

So, what’s the problem here? Well, Danny Rand is white and that doesn’t sit well with a lot of fans.

President-Elect Trump Goes After Freedom of Speech and the Press

For those worried that “PC Culture,” or the social pressure to be politically correct and respectful of minorities, is curbing free speech in the United States, I have got something for you: President-Elect Donald Trump has spent the days following his win attacking the free speech of Americans. In a series of tweets, Trump called out the protesters angry about his win, as well as the New York Times for being “unfair” to him.

Twitter Permanently Suspends User Following Leslie Jones Harassment

From it’s initial announcement to its release, the new Ghostbusters film with an all-female leading cast has had more than it’s fair share of criticism. Far more. But now that it’s come out and it turns out it’s not even that bad, most of the universal panning that people anticipated turned out to just be a few disgruntled Internet users. Unless you’re Leslie Jones.

For an entire day, Jones used her Twitter account to bring attention to all of the racist, sexist and downright disgusting comments she was targeted with, many of which came from anonymous users commonly referred to as “trolls.”

15 Black Twitter Accounts You Should Follow Today

In the age of social media prowess, not only does everyone have an opinion, they have thousands and they have no hesitation when it comes to sharing every single one of them. While free speech and open dialogue is wonderful, a clear drawback to social media culture is an overabundance of thought. But these people are changing that.

President of Morehouse College Joins Spelman Student in Solidarity

The president of Morehouse College has spoken up about the Spelman student who had been raped. The college is pursuing an investigation regarding allegations that a women attending the neighboring Spelman College was gang-raped by four Morehouse students at a party,which the student anonymously shared on Twitter under the moniker @RapedAtSpelman.

Buzzfeed’s ‘Questions Black People Have For Black People’ Video Backfires

Buzzfeed has revolutionized the online publishing industry in recent years. One of the many ways they’ve done so has been through their personality-filled videos that feature staff members either acting out relatable scenarios or asking thought-provoking questions. Their latest attempt to do so has seemingly backfired and brought on the wrath of Twitter users everywhere.

Protection or Invasion of Privacy? Parents and the Social Media Age

Social media has taken over the modern day teenager’s life. This pervasive adoption of technology has heightened the level of Internet protection education, but also the awareness that parents need to be involved with their child’s digital behavior. While parents have every right to be involved in the multifaceted lives of their teens, where does this line of privacy be drawn?