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University of Chicago grad students will vote to unionize

A heavily debated topic in academia is whether or not graduate students should be considered students or university employees. Last year, Columbia University sent a shock through the system after ruling that they should be considered the latter and given benefits to reflect such. Universities across the country have slowly started to get involved in similar legal battles on their own campuses, including the University of Chicago. 

22-year-old KFC worker is the face of national wage fight


Until recently, 22-year-old Naquasia LeGrand was sweeping floors, preparing food and serving customers as an employee for KFC for $7.25 an hour. That was just 15 months ago and before she was recruited by union organizers to join a campaign for higher pay.

Now, the Brooklyn native has become one of the most visible faces of a movement that has been demanding a $15 an hour wage and union representation for fast food workers.