Black Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Make Rich People Take Drug Tests

For decades now, the most common concern that people have had against welfare is that they presume most of the people that receive it are lazy drug addicts. This belief has lasted so long and spread so far that mandatory drug tests are being introduced across the country for welfare recipients, even though the results show that not many are even using drugs at all.

To turn things around, Representative Gwen Moore of Wisconsin proposed a bill that would put rich people who receive major tax breaks to suffer the same scrutiny. According to ThinkProgress, the “Top 1% Accountability Act” will require anyone that receives at least $150,000 in tax deductions to pass a drug test within 3 months of filing their taxes. 

North Carolina Begins Testing Welfare Applicants For Drug Use

For years, there have been assumptions about welfare recipients based on myths, such at the belief that they’re mostly drug addicts. Over time, this myth has grown so much that people started to push for drug testing to be a necessary part of applying for welfare.

North Carolina has just released the results from their first string of drug tests among welfare applicants.

8 Year-Old Follows Tenn. Lawmaker Around State Capitol; Shames Him Into Dropping Welfare Bill

8 year-old Aamira Fetuga followed Tennessee lawmaker Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) around the state capitol until he agreed to drop a bill linking welfare benefits to a student’s academic performance.

Nearby, a choir of 60 activists sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children” as Fetuga handed Campfield a petition demanding that he drop the controversial bill.

The walk to the Senate floor was a long and awkward one, but it may have worked. Campfield agreed to drop the bill for now.

Fox News Contributor: Welfare and Food Stamps Make Poverty Feel ‘A Little Comfortable’

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Cavuto on Business,” contributor Charles Payne asserted that programs like welfare and food stamps can make poverty feel “a little comfortable.”

Adding that he speaks from personal experience, Payne elaborated:

From the Huffington Post:

“There’s this idea that between the food stamps and the welfare and the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit and the local programs, you know, it gets a little comfortable to be in poverty,” Payne said during a discussion on food stamp usage.

Tennessee Considers Bill Tying Welfare Benefits to Children’s Grades

Not to be outdone by a Kansas bill that would allow those who are HIV positive to be separated from those who don’t, the state of Tennessee is considering a bill that would tie welfare support to a child’s progress in school.

The legislation would allow a family to lose up to 30% of its assistance if their child(ren) are not performing well in school:

Under the legislation brought by two Republicans, a student who doesn’t not make “satisfactory progress” in school would cost his or her family up to 30 percent of its welfare assistance, the Knoxville News and Sentinel reported:

GOP State Rep. Introduces Bill That Denies Welfare To Parents of Children Underperforming in School

Tennessee state rep Stacey Campfield introduced a bill that would make welfare benefits contingent upon the grades of a recipient’s children.

An indivudual currently receiving government assistance via. the state’s TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program would see a loss of benefits if their child did poorly in school.

Campfield believes his bill is the best way to hold parents accountable for their child’s education.

Englewood Native Rhiana Gunn-Wright Wins Rhodes Scholarship!

Born and raised in the Englewood section of Chicago’s South Side, Rhiana Gunn-Wright graduated at the top of her class at the Illinois Math and Science Academy, and graduated magna cum laude from Yale University.

And yet, she was still unsure of her qualifications when she applied for a Rhodes Scholarship earlier this year.

But those doubts were put to rest on Sunday, when she was named one of only 32 Americans chosen to become Rhodes Scholars.

Proposed PA Bill Requires Moms On Welfare To Prove They Were Raped

A newly-proposed Pennsylvania house bill would punish women who give birth while on welfare by limiting their benefits.

The bill is meant to discourage women from having mutliple children while under the state’s Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program.

But the bill provides for one exception. If a woman can prove that her baby was the result of rape or incest, she’ll be exempt for losing benefits.

The Tea Party’s Uber-Racist ‘Obama Phone’ Ad, And The Black Man Behind It

A new political ad, brought to you by The Tea Party Victory Fund and currently running in white Ohio counties, definitely ranks up there amongst the most racist ads we’ve ever seen.

The ad features an excited Black woman, discussing a free cell phone she received from a federal program.

The ad clearly aims to play up the “welfare queen” stereotype.

From NewsOne:

“In the video, someone asks if the Black woman has an Obama phone. She responds, ‘Yes everybody in Cleveland, you know minorities got [sic] Obama phone.’ Keep Obama in president [sic]. You know! He gave us a phone! He gonna do more!’