Study: Black boys more accepted into white cliques than black girls


A study on the experiences of black students in suburban schools has found that black boys have an easier time fitting in than black girls.

Black boys can use racial performance to seem tough, cool and athletic. Black girls are often viewed as ghetto and aggressive.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo studied the social impact of a desegregation program. Minority students were bussed to a predominantly white high school in a Boston suburb.

CNN Report: Black Kids Are Racially Biased Against White Kids

According to a recent study by CNN, most Black children harbor negative, subconscious biases against White children by the time they are 13 years-old.

The report explains that younger Black children have an exceptionally optimistic outlook on race, but that overtime these feelings sour.

From NewsOne:

“Most 6-year-olds, according to the study, had an optimistic view on race, but that perception changed as they got older.

Davionne, 6, told a researcher that, ‘They’re not the same color and they can’t play together if they’re not the same color.’

White Students Learn “The Streets” at the University

Folks in the ghetto always watch the careless: any opportunity to exploit small mistakes gets the observant ahead. The ghetto mindset transmits through an exclusive circle of students. Doctrines of this knowledge—what we call “street smarts”—may not be known by the average white person. Such may be the case because a majority of the white population lives in relatively comfortable environments. A kid growing up in the ghetto cannot believe how loosely his suburban friend’s door swings open. However, due to the placement of prominent universities in the country’s worst ghettoes, white students are finally receiving the knowledge of the ghetto.