Some of you are wondering what this word “prognosticator” means. Well, I’m glad you asked young grass hopper. Webster defines it as someone who predicts the future or as someone who speaks powerful insights. Perhaps, at one point Tavis Smiley and Al Sharpton spoke powerful insights on behalf of Black communities. Of course, this was before corporate sponsorship took over State of the Black Union and before Al launched his media blitzed hunger campaigns. However, they like so many other self-appointed black male leaders are more invested in waving their third arm when their ego is being challenged by another third arm waving black brother. Just in case you’re unsure what the third arm is it’s something that is strengthened by the use of Viagra. Get in? If you don’t get it please email me and I will share with you the correct anatomy name.

Well, I am sure many of you have heard by now that Tavis Smiley and Al Sharpton are fueling an old school bring your boys to the playground West side story brawl where Tavis is banking on Michael Eric Dyson’s academic hip hop lyrical flow to mesmerize Al’s crew while Tom Joyner and Tavis launch a sneak attack on Charles Olgetree and Bill Cosby by throwing a piece of pound cake.  I know this may sound outlandish, but the level of argument between Tavis and Al makes you wonder what a fight would look like between all the black male intellectuals and all the black male political leaders that profess to speak on behalf of Black communities while padding their pockets with various corporate interests.

Who would you put your money on—Tavis’ crew that would consist of “I love you my brother” Cornel West and “Testicular Fortitude,” Louis Farrakhan or Al’s crew that would consist of “I taught the President,” Charles Olgetree and “My father was Mayor first,” Marc Morial? Who would you put your money on? And of course we would not have to worry about them canceling the fight because none of the names listed above would shy away from the limelight even if it’s only a street light for an old school street fight.

To be perfectly honest, I would not put my hard earned money on either crew. I would wait for Jesse Jackson to show-up wearing his red Superman “peace-maker” cape and see who throws the first punch. And then I would split my monies between Jesse and Al because they both look like they can square up especially Big Al with the perm.

Okay, all jokes aside I do no advocate violence. However, the level of black male third arm waving antics by Al Sharpton and Tavis Smiley makes you wonder why all the drama and what’s at stake. Why are they so defensive? And then you realize what all of this is about. Fundamentally, it is about who gets to set the agenda for black communities. Who gets to speak as “the” representative of black communities? It is all about black male power and privilege. So, at the end of the day, “hood credentials,” are on the line because they grant access to various types of power and privilege. And to be perfectly honest, I am so over it like yesterday over it with black men thinking they can speak for me and my many black communities. (But that’s a longer post)

Hear ye, hear ye, the street fight royal is about to commence. Place your bets and see who snatches the hood’s crown.