The leader of a Maryland prison gang impregnated four Baltimore prison guards – including one twice – while running a fully-functioning criminal enterprise from behind bars.

Tavon White (36) enlisted other inmates and the help of at least 15 guards in money laundering, drug- running, and the smuggling of cellphones and other banned items. Their gang was known as the Black Guerrilla Family; and by all accounts, they essentially ran the prison.

White is currently being held at the Baltimore City Detention Center on attempted murder charges.

From Opposing Views:

Thirteen female and two male prison guards are facing federal corruption charges following a months-long investigation into Maryland’s correctional facilities – an investigation which uncovered, obviously, a lack of control.

“The inmates literally took over ‘the asylum,’ and the detention centers became safe havens for the BGF,” FBI Special Agent Stephen Vogt said in a released statement. He also stated White “effectively raised the BGF flag over the Baltimore City Detention Center.”

According to the indictment, two of the female officers impregnated by White tattooed “Tavon” on their bodies; one inked the name on her neck and another put the name on her wrist.




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