A Tennessee high school teacher says she lost her job after taking a sick student to the emergency room and paying the medical bill.

Jennifer Mitts was forced to resign from Red Bank High School after the incident. 

From Yahoo News: 

Mitts footed the bill because the 20-year-old student did not have health insurance, according to an online petition supporting the teacher.

Even though officials at the school say that they were only threatening to suspend the teacher for her caring deed, Mitts told WTVC-TV that school officials “dictated to (me) what (I) should write in the resignation letter, including forcing (me) to waive (my) right to a hearing.”

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The school’s assistant superintendent of human resources for the district, Stacey Stewart, said that Mitts resigned on her own, and was never forced to waive her rights. Stewart also said that Mitts had been warned after a similar issue in the past.

The young student had a temperature of 105 degrees, pneumonia, a kidney infection and a bladder infection. She was also 7 months pregnant and claims that Mitts saved her and her son’s life.

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