16-year-old Grace Bush is accomplishing the unthinkable. The South Florida teen is not just set to collect a high school diploma, but one from college as well.

From CBS Miami:

In an unusual twist, Grace Bush earned a bachelor’s degree from college — but she won’t have her high school diploma until Friday, CBS Miami reported.

“It’s kind of weird that I graduated college before high school,” she said. The Hollywood teen received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice last Friday morning from Florida Atlantic University.

She did it with a 3.8 grade point average, completing the four-year degree in just three years. “I started when I was 13 at Broward College and I also took my classes throughout the summer, so I was able to finish it before four years,” she said.

Bush will get her high school diploma on May 9th from Florida Atlantic University High School.

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Bush was able to earn both degrees thanks to a dual enrollment program offered her high school. It allows high-performing students to earn credit for the same courses toward their college degree and save thousands in tuition at the same time.

Bush, one of nine children, is the third to graduate college in her family.

The new grad plans on pursuing a master’s degree this fall before heading to law school. She plans on becoming a chief justice of the United States.


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