A Texas pastor has admonished the female members of his church not to get weaves.

He says they are a sign of low self esteem, a needless expense, and indicate a preoccupation with being something you are not.

From American Preachers:

Pastor Aamir admits he was raised in a strict household. His mother and father are members of the Islamic faith. At 39 years old, he leads a congregation whose average age is 22.

“Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads” he told AmericaPreachers.com.

“I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. “Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

Pastor Aamir acknowledges he cannot legally prohibit women from wearing weaves in church, but he still highly disapproves it.

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