By Rashad Smith

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) annual competition is popular for the extravagant parties both day and night; fashion shows, networking events, community and family events, celebrity appearances, Greek step show, a queen’s competition, and the actual athletic competitions (debatable). The hosting city is always filled with colorful faces and requires Presidential Faces for access.

An event where hundreds of thousands of HBCU alumni reunite, reminisce, and party hard has become more than a second Homecoming for HBCU graduates. Now, people who aren’t even aware of what the acronym CIAA stands for, let alone what CIAA is (they usually think it’s nothing but partying), who never attended college, and/or probably rushing to prepare their taxes for spending money, are eager to participate in the week long competition, primarily for the non-stop partying.  Even those who are die-hard college basketball fans might sit out of a game to attend an event in the Charlotte- Metro area. The city has acquired MILLIONS of dollars during the past few years of hosting the athletic competition and the many events.

Most HBCU alumni usually find out if they’re Alma Mater has advanced in the competition while rocking out at a party with their creative beverages in their hand. When the victory is announced, it only makes the party that much hyped- unless you’ve taken the L.

Institution queens compete for the title, FOOD LION MISS CIAA 2013! These Black Queens serve as the face of their institution throughout the year, working their platform, until its time to pass the University crown down to the next queen of their institution. Black Greek Fraternities & Sororities face off in a family friendly step competition for prize money and bragging rights.  With big name sponsors from McDonalds to Ford, if possible, entrepreneurs, business people, entertainers, political figures, and all who is all plans to attend the tournament if possible. A week where you can go to a concert at 12 noon then head to a party by 4pm, go out to eat at 7pm and back to your hotel room for party preparation by 9. A place where networking is as simple as 1.2.3 and opportunities present themselves almost immediately!

Vote for the Food Lion Miss CIAA Queen Here

CIAA is a indescribably time for the Black community and races beyond. It’s a time to re-connect with college family. A time to have zero worries and celebrate culture, success, education, and sports. It’s like the new annual Black Family Reunion!

Are you going to C.I.’s?
Which HBCU team and queen will take the VICTORY?
What parties and events will you be attending? 
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