Where there are sports, there are rituals, superstitions, and curses. And where there is a black quarterback, there is a contentious relationship with the white head coach, a pending court case, a finished prison sentence, a lost Super Bowl, or an early benching during a game. Where’s the love?

Steve McNair. Dead.
Duante Culpepper. UFL.
Donovan McNabb- All but done.
Vince Young- Injured and banished.
JaMarcus Russell- Sipping on some sizzurp.
Michael Vick- Recently released from prison.

This year as we’ve watched the stellar comeback of Michael Vick, who just recently completed almost two years in prison for dog fighting. He might just actually win a ring or at least come back and win MVP and have it all for himself. No need to worry about Peyton Manning; he’s way off his game this year. But what still stands out is the inability for almost any black quarterback to have a consistently good game. Curse? Lack of support? Both?

Barring injury, I’m gonna bet my money on Vick for MVP. I think the league needs a comeback kid, but I also think the league needs to finally save a Negro. See kids, this is what can happen when you pay your dues, say your apologies, and stick on the straight and narrow. Like it or not, Michael Vick has all the white men in the world to thank for his opportunity to try once more. He’s been saved, resurrected. Based on MVP voting, the fans have forgiven him. Michael, don’t you forget this. Those legs can only get you so far on your own. But let us not forget. In the real world, the post-prison experience isn’t nearly this glitzy. Most folks aren’t afforded such opportunities.

Unfortunately, Michael Vick has become the example. He has unofficially become the spokesperson for all of the unruly, thick-headed black men challenging white authority (Vince Young, Donovan McNabb). Michael Vick hasn’t broken any black quarterback curse that I know of, he is simply humble. And damn scared of being another example. He probably won’t talk back ever again and he sure as hell won’t yell at his coach or text message an apology. The only personality he has now is on the field—running.