With the rise of a black president, many are talking about the impact of the “Black vote.” During the 2008 and 2012 elections, a large number of African Americans where on board with Obama’s policies.

But Meagan Jordan of the A & T Register raises an interesting question. “Does the ‘Black vote’ negatively impact our race?” 

From the A & T Register:

“Society makes it seem that all black people think alike, and we are only concerned on issues that primarily affect our race and our race only.” she writes. “Am I the only person who feels that the ‘black vote’ belittles the thought process of African Americans’ political views? According to the Census, in 2012 African Americans voted at a higher rate by 66.2 percent compared to whites. Making this the first time since the Census Bureau began in 1996. The study also shows that in 2012 voting rates were higher in the black community than any other presidential election since 1996. African Americans were more interested in the presidential election the year Obama ran for re-election. Was the community interested in the race itself? Or the race of the man who was running?”

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The black vote is essential to not just the African American politician and community, but to everyone running and seeking to maintain office.

Jordan further contends that “a lot of politicians count on the ‘Black vote,’ but it is almost like they are bribing our community.”


Does the ‘Black vote’ help or harm our community?

Do you agree with Jordan? Is the ‘Black vote” bribery?

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