The Democratic National Convention begins today in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Current polls have President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney in a virtual dead heat going into the convention. There is much riding on the next week.

Tonight’s opening festivities will be highlighted by a speech from First Lady Michelle Obama.

From NewOne:

Michelle Obama’s evening speech will be an early highlight of a three-day schedule that has drawn thousands of delegates to a state Obama narrowly carried in 2008. Although Obama no longer is the fresh-faced newbie who leveraged a short Senate career into an audacious run for the nation’s highest office, he still can excite partisans, and Democrats were counting on massive numbers to pack a stadium for his speech later in the week.

The Democrats dispatched U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, who hopes to unseat Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts, to make the case for Obama on morning talk shows, and she acknowledged that “it’s tough out there” for many Americans, but she insisted that Obama offers the better vision going forward.

“Republicans are not helping us get back,” she said.

Warren was up against GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin congressman, who held out the millions of people who are struggling to find work as an indictment of the president’s first term.

“Four years into a presidency and it’s incomplete?” he asked in a round of morning television interviews. “The president is asking people just to be patient with him?”


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