Writing for the Huffington Post, Brandon Hill says that the gap between rich and poor students may deprive the world of significant contributions from youth of color.

What if I told you that the cure for cancer will come from the mind of a Hispanic girl in South Central Los Angeles? Or that the invention that will replace the Internet will come from the imagination of a black boy from Harlem?

Don’t be too surprised.

The thing is, all children — whether they’re from a suburb of Charlotte or from a housing project in Chicago — are born with natural creative genius. However, due to wealth inequalities, asymmetric access to quality education, and general lack of opportunity equity here in America, many would-be young innovators are blocked from fully cultivating their dream capital. The primary casualties of structural inequality are black and brown youth and their ideas.

This is an American tragedy.

Because all people, regardless of class or race, benefit when all of us are able to contribute our talents to the economy. Likewise, all of us are hurt when there exists gaps in access and opportunity in America.

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Photo: Level Playing Field/Twitter