The League of Young Voters have launched a campaign to pay tribute to all those we’ve lost to gun violence, and inspire this generation to break the cycle of violence and put the guns down.

Inspired by Snoop Lion’s recent single “No Guns Allowed,” the League is asking individuals to send in videos, photos, and writings that reflect upon the impact of gun violence.

These submissions will then be compiled and featured in their upcoming #NoGunsAllowed webseries.

From Biko Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters:

I spent a memorable 1999 student-teaching 8th grade at an alternative Milwaukee middle school. I’ll never forget my students “Dink” and “Hershel,” two fearless street anti-heroes, in whose seen-it-all sneer I glimpsed a reflection of the hopelessness that pervades America’s ghetto. Dink and Hershel were murdered on the streets of Milwaukee in 2002, before either of them graduated high school.

More than 100,000 people have died from gun violence since I stopped teaching. The number climbs every week. While policymakers need to stop tripping and pass universal background checks, the hood can’t wait for Washington. In cities across the country, it’s easier to find weed than work, and even our most diligent, law-abiding young leaders are not safe from random acts of violence.

I am a teacher at heart, and teachers don’t point fingers: they raise hands. I’m asking you to step up, right now, and help me and the #NoGunsAllowed coalition empower our youth to push back against violence by helping survivors tell their stories, and provide a national platform for healing and justice.

If a legendary gangsta rapper like Snoop Lion can turn his artistry into a conversation about gun violence’s devastating effect on his community 1, then we can all dig deep and empower talented young people to change the narrative. Our #NoGunsAllowed campaign, inspired by Snoop Lion, is just one way that we can pay tribute to the loved ones we have lost, while teaching hope to those who can still learn.

This is a big opportunity and I’m challenging all of us to come together, speak out against violence in our culture, and raise up the voices of the victims of gun violence. Are you in?

Learn more about the #NoGunsAllowed Campaign HERE