A recent article over at The Nation shines a light on how young people from across the country are uniting, organizing, and demanding justice.

Among those featured are our very own Black Youth Project 100 – 100 young black activists from across the country convened by the Black Youth Project to mobilize communities of color beyond electoral politics.

BYP100 member Rahiel Tesfamariam eloquently explained the collective’s formation and mission:

As we convened for our first Beyond November Movement gathering, we collectively mourned over the Zimmerman trial verdict and produced this video response to affirm the humanity of black life. We are committed to connecting the tragic loss of Travyon Martin and this recent miscarriage of justice in Florida to countless other examples of American systemic racism and injustice. Moving forward, we will be mobilizing a black youth contingency to attend the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington and offering civic engagement training to young people. We are organizing local chapters to build political power nationwide while simultaneously supporting the efforts of other youth-led organizations such as Dream Defenders. As stated in our video, we see the hopelessness of a generation that has been broken trying to find its place in this world, and we understand that we need to turn anger into action and pain into power.

BYP100 wasn’t the only group of youth leaders featured. 

The Dream Defenders are currently occupying the Florida state capital, demanding that Gov. Rick Scott hold a special legislative session to facilitate the passage of the Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act.

Meanwhile, The NC–Student Power Union and NC HEAT have regularly participated in “Moral Mondays” in North Carolina; those demonstrations have resulted in 900 arrests; and they’re still going strong.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Are you happy to see so many young people standing together and making their voices heard?

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