The revolution will be televised.  Yes it will.  That is because we will not have one of our own anytime soon. We may be in the street marching with signs but it will more than likely be for some far away country fighting for this thing we call democracy.

I really am trying to be excited about Egypt.  I don’t think anyone should be in office for thirty years but mostly because I think it is unhealthy for the individual. (Except the Daley family. They were protecting us from the likes of Carol Moseley Braun.) For everyone else, don’t you want to have a more diverse life?  You can’t possibly be a good leader with that amount of personal imbalance.

Since E anyway, my facebook has been aglow with invites to street rallies, sit-ins, marches (the horror), and information sessions.  Seems we only like to join when things are piping hot.  For the most part, we’ve been okay with Egypt the way it is.  Hell, we’ve been stoking the fire in all the African/Arab nations and now we want them to get their justice.  To get democracy.

How’s your democracy treating you?  You feel okay about not being able to vote?  The disappearance of abortion rights worrying you yet?  How about medical care?  Education?  Taxes?  Decaying infrastructure?

It seems we have exhausted our own serious political pursuits in favor of the “liberation” of others.  It doesn’t bother you that so many people are homeless in the richest nation in the world but it bothers you that so many people are poor in some of the poorest nations in the world?  I don’t get it.

Many nations with large numbers of poor people struggle getting the basic necessities.  I read that Egyptians spend about 60% of their income on food and no they aren’t eating expensive ass Chipotle but rice and lentils.  You ever think of supporting people in a more subtle way like not throwing our your food or setting up an internet food delivery service for people in poor countries. “All it takes is one dollar a day!”

Activism, especially when visible and tangible is an exciting thing so I won’t let this blog betray the part of me that is actually moved. However, I still think we should take stock of our own problems. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use the excitement generated from Egypt to organize around more local interests? Maybe it is just a tad pompous for us to organize and let them know we have their backs. Besides if we really had their backs, we would protest our own government’s continued meddling and weapon-distribution.