WARNING: If You Can’t Pay Your Medical Bills, The Tea Party Wants To Let You Die

If you thought the Tea Party was crazy before last night’s CNN/Tea Party-sponsored GOP Debate, the proceedings probably proved you right and then some. But of all of the WTF moments from last night, nothing beats the audience’s reaction to a question regarding assisting uninsured Americans with medical care.

Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul a simple, hypothetical question: Who pays the incredibly expensive medical bills of a previously healthy, uninsured 30 year-old man who suffers some kind of freak accident and falls into a coma?

Blitzer further pressed Paul, asking “Are you saying society should just let him die?”

And then the audience cheered.


This comes on the heels of that other WTF moment from last week’s GOP Debate, when the audience cheered wildly after it was mentioned that Gov. Rick Perry has executed 234 people since taking office.

You might be unhappy with our current administration’s handling of the economy, or job creation, or even their handling of their Republican adversaries. But in case you were starting to feel like perhaps it won’t be worth your while to vote in the 2012 election, watch the above video one more time.

Is this the kind of country you want to live in?

Wake up and smell the tea party, people. Right wing extremism has officially gone mainstream.

NOTE – An initial version of this article attributes the phrase “let him die” directly to Ron Paul. This was inaccurate and has been corrected.