I’ll admit I haven’t been that interested in the Obama administration since the presidential campaign.  Yes, I voted this year, but that’s because I’m loyal to certain entrenched systems in the world and not because I like them.  There are just some things I don’t try to overthrow. I know this. Obama knows this.

Let’s talk about Biden, who continues to serve his purpose after helping get Obama into office.  The subconscious of the masses says: You know, the old white man on that stage must know something about politics and if he’s friends with that black dude then….  Since the election, Biden has taken a back, back seat, lest his frat boy fuck-yeah voice reveal just how surprised he and Obama are about getting things done with the little support they have. When the old white man says, “This is a big fucking deal,” it shows his own level of surprise that Obama got something done. We did it bro! That should tell you something.

Besides Biden, Obama has his white folks stacked up and he knows when to pull his cards.  Nevermind the pervasive public opinion that Obama has gone back on his word.  HE betrayed us! Obama knows we never trusted his black ass.  We all just fell in love with his swagger like a white woman in a BBC video.  And he knew at some point, when the glitter of his original run, when the smooth sound of his voice, when the sexy stutter in his step, and the worldy travels lost their appeal.  When we all finally abandoned our surprise, that he was going to be left on stage, alone,–just another nigga in a suit with a good education.  He knew before we did, (well I knew) that he was gonna need some more white people on his side.  He knew for every white person he fired, he was gonna have to give unearned praise to five more.  And he knew for every major thing he tried to get through, he was going to have to make sure he shared the credit with The Man, lest he have it ruled unconstitutional (like half the laws on the book aren’t already).

Thus, when Obama went to get Bill Clinton to help usher in his tax deal, he was just using another card in the deck.  By then, he’d already used and/or needed Rahm, Pelosi, Biden, Mrs. Clinton, Kennedy, and a bunch more.  Hell, it isn’t like he can send Michelle to talk to us about anything important.  We’d just ogle at her strong arms and comment on how stylish she is.  What Harvard degree?  You think Mrs. Clinton would have gotten this far without those dowdy monochromatic suits, that stiff hair, and that wonderful white skin?  Please.  This isn’t to say she isn’t absolutely dedicated to politics but that there is a certain way people need things packaged.  And Obama with all of his palatable attributes knows he ain’t it.

So I don’t need to follow his work closely to know what he is going to do and I certainly don’t need to follow him to know what he has to do.  Reaction to black leadership predictable.  Everyone is uncomfortable! Blacks and whites alike. Obama’s move with Clinton reflects this.  Obama voice: Ya know folks, even the white man thinks this is some good ish. So calm down!

I’ll close with a little Paul Mooney as he is the preeminent race man. He knows his shit!  Anyway, Paul Mooney has this skit where he says it makes him mad when he sees homeless white people.  He says homeless white people are a “waste of white skin.”  My thoughts exactly. Obama knows this too, so he’s make sure none of the white skin around him goes to waste.