The funniest thing to me about the Tea Party’s response to my video,”What if the Tea Party was Black?“, is their insistent claim that the tea party isn’t racist, while at the same time making blatantly racist comments about me or black people in general. Case in point, some blogger calling himself “Angry White Dude” posted my video in a futile attempt to refute it, but instead ends up proving my point.


First, “Angry White Dude” calls me a felon, the fact that I’ve never been arrested means nothing because I’m a black rapper with a baseball hat, so in his mind I must have a criminal record. Then he proceeds to flip my name using bad English because along with being a felon in his eyes, I must be a high school drop out as well. After printing some of my lyrics he tries his “best” to break them down, but of course misses the point all together. He accuses me of saying the Tea Party is ‘completely white”, which I never do, but the first argument the Tea Parry always makes to “prove” they’re not racists is to point to their few token black members. The fact the Tea Party is mostly white is undisputed. He also repeats the lie that the Tea Party has “never focused on race”, yet just a few sentence latter he says I speak “Ebonics” (SMH).

Next, he actually tries to answer the question “What if the Tea Party was Black? by saying if it was, it would look like Detroit (yes he actually makes this comparison and calls it “Detroilet” ). Why? Because Detroit has been “totally controlled by blacks for the past forty years” and due to those inferior darkies it has “collapsed economically, geographically, morally and spiritually” and now instead of automobiles it produces ” ignorant, lazy moochers for American taxpayers to support”. Yes I know, I too was completely surprised by the lack of political insight by a Tea Party member who would assume a Mayor and some councilmen would be in total control of a city that was home to 3 of the largest corporations in the world, but then again I’m just an “ignorant felon”. I’m sure the “Big 3” made no decisions and Detroit’s fall was all the fault of “corrupt black Democrat politicians”. I mean really if we use his logic, we could argue no white Republican should ever be elected president again, right?

He goes on to say that no Black leaders call for Black people to “embrace education, quit having illegitimate children, avoid crimes, be responsible and self-sufficient, etc.” But instead, he states, all Black leaders teach Black people “to be totally dependent on hard working, over-taxed American workers!” Oh, and that a Black Tea Party would be “a violent, ineffective disaster zone.” Yeah, Angry White Dude, believing that if the Tea Party was Black it would be totally inferior isn’t racist at all.

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