The objectification of women is a constant in society. It is something that is laced into television and movies, corporate hiring and promotion standards, and higher education. It is even present in the commercials and billboards we see every day. Advertisements for makeup, burgers, clothing, and even cars turn women into objects for male consumption. There are many reasons why this is problematic. But, this video shows exactly what happens to women, especially teen girls, psychologically and physically when they are treated as material objects, products, and resources to be consumed by society (read: men).

From the aversion to the “thigh gap” to the Kylie Jenner lip challenge to public groping of women to the culture of rape, there are so many effects which stem from the devaluation and objectification of women. For Black trans and cis women, this is even more dangerous. This clip shows why we need to be having a conversation about solutions to this very real problem.

Watch the full video below:

(Photo: YouTube screenshot)