Crowned jewelry company Tiffany & Co. is facing a lawsuit after being accused of racially bias practices.

The suit, brought forth by a group director for the company, alleges that Tiffany & Co. executed a “systemic, nationwide pattern and practice of racial discrimination.”

From The New York Times:

According to the complaint, of the more than 200 management positions that represent Tiffany to the public, a range that includes executive officers, store directors and members of the board of directors, only one is held by an African-American employee: Michael McClure, the plaintiff in this lawsuit.

Robert D. Kraus, the lawyer representing Mr. McClure, says that pattern, along with his client’s experience, demonstrates “racial bias in the belief, conscious or otherwise, that African-Americans are not appropriate ambassadors for the iconic, luxurious and sophisticated Tiffany brand.”

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Tiffany denied Mr. McClure’s claims in a statement:

“The lawsuit allegations are completely without merit, and the many mischaracterizations will be addressed through the legal process,” the statement said. “We welcome and value diversity in all forms and emphasize personal accountability and professionalism in a respectful and fair work environment.”

Late last year, upscale New York retail chain Barney’s faced several lawsuits for what customers called unfair practices of racial discrimination. Rapper Jay Z, who had signed a deal with the chain, was also heavily criticized for his association with the company.

Thoughts on the lawsuit?

 Do they actually change how companies discriminate against people of color? Or is it just a cash payout?

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