Tiffany Haddish is making fans wonder if she may have flown a little too close to the sun after she mentioned that she’d still love to work with Bill Cosby in an interview.

“Definitely Richard Pryor,” Haddish told the Los Angeles Times when asked about her comedic inspirations. “Bill Cosby—I still want to work with Bill Cosby; I don’t care, I’ll drink the juice. I’ll drink the juice. I’ll take a nap. I don’t give a damn. [Laughs.] But seriously, I would love for him to play my grandfather in something.”Haddish’s comments are making more than a few fans cringe as the public has mostly condemned Cosby after he was accused of and went to trial for being a serial rapist. A similar public condemnation has been doled out to those who remain in his corner. Which now appears to include Haddish, who has just started to take Hollywood by storm due to her appearance in Girl’s Trip.

Yes, we get it. People are flawed by definition. Celebrities are hot with hundreds of questions day and it only takes one bad answer to come under scrutiny. And some people, especially comedians who grew up looking up to Cosby, have trouble stepping away from him.

Still, this may set a new record in the time it took for someone to go from “new hotness” to “cautionary tale.”

The backlash for Haddish’s comments could very well die down over the next day or so, especially given the waves of praise she’s been receiving. But these comments could also come back to hurt her down the road if she isn’t too careful. People sure do love holding onto receipts just in case these days.