Black life, just like any other life, is always full of action. We begin many relationships that require us to “deal with people”. These other people deal with us too—our ways of sparking reactions from others brings them to us.  In order to have friends, lovers, even families, we make people outside ourselves pay attention to our persons. Parents often act, whip their children when communication is impossible. Should our thinking about the people in our lives stop when we decide to make an impression? A connection exists between the action and the reflective nature of the reaction; how we act towards the other mixes the flavor of our relationships. 

You just know how to treat people in certain situations.  Based off previous interactions, you know how close to get to the other. Physical contact with our lovers, just to give an example, allows us to communicate. When we hug,  the communication of comfort is acknowledged .  This opens an acceptable environment with and for the person. Given the space to understand the action, the reflective  reaction is supported . When this is accomplished the balance is kept between the two, giving a  standard to the relationship.

Even when someone does something wrong by you, as the teacher responsible for their integrity your action should produce a trans-formative reaction. When the choice is made to clash fire with fire there is no lesson learned, but lesson lost. The key is to teach by positive reaction even when the action is negative. Let it be known that the concept of ” Action . Reaction” is a plan for healing not pain. Use this formula to life, and seek hidden answers to the world.