Have you ever waited for something so long, when it finally comes you’re not sure how to act? My album “Ascension”, which I began working on early 2010, will be officially released tomorrow. It’s been a long road, but it does feel really good to bring a idea into fruition.


I began the process of writing “Ascension” at a time where my life was going through some intense changes that almost lead me to quit Hip-Hop all together. I remember going off line for three months and writing the  first batch of songs, a couple of which made the album. At that time “Ascension” for me was a personal testament of coming out of darkness into light.

As I continued working on the album over the next couple years, my life improved greatly. I was able to help create community initiatives like the One Hood Media Academy, and help raise awareness around issues like the unjust execution of Troy Davis and the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin. I was blessed to travel the country and participate in movements like Occupy, and dream with undocumented immigrants of a world where we all can be treated as equals.


By the time I got around to writing the tittle track to “Ascension”, I started to feel like a new man. Despite a world full of injustice and violence I still see our potential. I believe we are on the verge of a great transformation to a place filled with peace and love. This is why in the video I “die” then reappear in a elevated state overlooking the city. The song is like the culmination of my personal “Ascension” from darkness to being able to, “look at all the light that I’ve found”



More than a political album, I see this as a spiritual album. If Hip-Hop is dead, like Nas famously said, where do it go? Does it go to Heaven or Hell? I hope to help take Hip-Hop up, to a higher place spiritually and lyrically. I’m thankful that Wandering Worx Entertainment gave me this opportunity, and that Brother Ali and Rhymefest lent me their incredible talent. My co-pilot in this journey into the stratosphere is Religion who produced the entire project, and whose direction was invaluable.


All that’s left is for you to hear and tell me what you think. I hope you like it