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Incarceration is not only answer to urban youth violence
Monalisa Smith, Boston Globe, 2/4/13

Mothers for Justice and Equality salutes Governor Patrick’s efforts to reduce incarceration rates of juveniles in Massachusetts (“Patrick seeks fewer life terms for youths,” Page A1, Jan. 27). We believe that it takes courage to stand up against perceived norms. Our children should not bear the burden of societal failures.

America’s loss in the war on poverty has left many families dealing with the effects of economic inequality, a situation that has led to an increase in incarceration and murder rates of children in urban communities. In many cases the children are the perpetrators or victims of violence. In others, they are the survivors who are left behind to deal with the nightmares and emotional scars of losing a friend or loved one to violence. Symptoms of trauma-related stress can go undiagnosed and untreated for years before the individual commits a crime.

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Why Are Black Kids Failing At School?
Bart Chan, The Voice, 2/10/13


Obama visit highlights Minneapolis’ strides on violence
Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY, 2/4/13


Blacks disproportionately disciplined in the nation’s schools: Students respond
Alfonzo Porte, Washington Post, 2/5/13


Students Rally for More Funding of Maryland’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Trace Wilkins, NBC News, 2/6/13


Chicago gets ‘F’ for efforts to stop youth violence
Staff Writer, ABC News, 2/6/13


Educating Youth About Teen Dating Violence
Jason Evan, Easley Patch, 2/7/13


Black AIDS Awareness Day – How young black men in Oakland are faring in 2013
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Youth Organization Launches Petition Urging President Obama To Address Chicago Gun Violence
Latifah Muhammad, Hip Hop Wire, 2/9/13


Why won’t Obama stand up for Chicago’s slain youth?
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Atlanta Public Schools Youth Violence Town Hall
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