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Young People Campaign For Peace In East Oakland
Donisha Dansby, Huffington Post, 11/12/2012

“Stop the killing, start the healing,” is the slogan for a billboard campaign in Oakland, Calif. The idea came from young leaders, called Peace Ambassadors, at the Urban Peace Movement. Throughout east Oakland, a neighborhood where a lot of the city’s gun violence happens, billboards have gone up depicting young adults holding portraits of lost loved ones.

On each billboard there are captions like, “He was my little brother, only 3 when we lost him,” that add to the dramatic effect.

Xiomara Castro is the director of Urban Peace Movement (UPM). She thinks that young voices are often lost when stories about tragedies are reported. “Often when you do see the first headlines or the first news stories of the lost, it’s the mothers, the parents, the very direct relatives. And the story that gets lost is the best friend or the sister or the cousin or the child,” she said.

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