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The Black Community Can’t Keep Burying Its Head About AIDS
Darrell Dawsey, Deadline Detroit, 11/26/12


Murdered by police for being Black and poor
Lisa Gray-Garcia, SF Bayview, 11/27/12


School Security Boosts Student Insecurity?
Ivory A. Toldson, The Root, 11/27/12


Former drug-dealing ‘Street Star’ becomes youth mentor
Sabirah Mustafa, Mercury News, 11/28/12


Another Black teen shot down in Florida
Bryan Ellis, Lilberation News, 11/29/12


World AIDS Day 2012: American Youth Account for 25.7% of New HIV/AIDS Infections
Jim Donahue, The Guardian, 11/30/12


HIV and Young Black Gay Men: Finding the Courage to Stand for Their Lives
Angel Brown and Lawrence Stallworth, Huffington Post, 12/1/12


Providing the same opportunities so all students learn
Dawn M. Jones, South Bend Tribune, 12/1/12


Black students in Tallahassee demand ‘Justice for Jordan Davis’
Fight Back News, Staff Writer, 12/1/12


Experts push parent involvement to help close achievement gap
Jenette Sturges, Beacon News, 12/2/12


Black Male Student-Athlete Graduation Rate Lags Behind
Staff Writer, Diverse in Higher Education News, 12/2/12