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59 percent of African-American young voters say US ‘moving in the right direction’
Jennifer White, Daily Caller, 11/2/12

Despite continued high unemployment, a recent national poll shows that 59 percent of African-American voters age 19-29 feel that the country is “moving in the right direction.”

Tufts University’s youth research organization, The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement released the poll Monday.

The data reveals that while young black voters feel the general condition of the country is improving, only 23.6 percent of white youth said the country is moving in the right direction. Young Hispanic voters were the largest group to be unsure about the direction of the country.

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Classical-music competition seeks to draw black youth
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For Class of 2016, percentage of black students highest in 23 years
Staff Writer, The Daily Northwestern, 10/31/12


Karamu showcases black playwrights
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Student Debt; A Heavier Load for Young Borrowers of Color
Naima Ramos-Chapman, Campus Progress, 11/1/12


Race plays role among youth in this year’s election
Chris Stephens, BSU Daily News, 11/1/12


Majority of Young African-Americans Optimistic About The Country’s Direction Despite High Unemployment Rate
John Hollis, Atlanta Blackstar, 11/3/12


Youth unemployment rate: 12% overall; blacks 21%, Hispanics 13%
Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner, 11/4/12