Wisconsin’s controversial voter ID law, hailed as the ‘toughest in the nation,’ has been halted by Judge David Flanagan, pending an upcoming trial to determine if it will be done away with altogether.

The law is the product of Gov. Scott Walker’s infamous administration. Brought by the NAACP and immigrant rights group Voces de la Frontera, this latest legal challenge to Walker’s photo ID requirement moved Judge Flanagan to issue a temporary injunction, which essentially freezes the law until trial on April 16th.

The NAACP must prove that a large number of people will be “irreparably harmed” by the new law. But as Colorlines notes, that shouldn’t be too hard since they’ve “got back up from Wisconsin poli sci professor Kenneth Mayer whose research found that over 220,000 people in the state lacked the kind of ID needed to vote under the new law.”

This lawsuit is just one of many challenging Walker’s disenfranchising agenda:

“He’s probably a little heated now. The NAACP case was just the latest blow against his photo ID agenda. On Monday, March 5, another judge granted another lawsuit against the governor challenging his voter ID law. Walker tried to swat away this one, waged by the League of Women Voters, but Judge Richard Niess said that the League is the best plaintiff for the case. Said Judge Niess:

‘This is the same cohort of citizens that shows up in the circuit courts in increasing numbers, day in and day out, without lawyers, in foreclosure proceedings, collection actions and family matters,’ Niess wrote. ‘Who will advocate for them on these constitutional issues that affect their fundamental, inherent and constitutional right to vote, if not the plaintiffs, or entities like the plaintiffs?’

Finally, the ACLU filed a suit against Wisconsin’s voter ID law in federal court, making the case that it violates the Voting Rights Act because it discriminates against people of color”

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Will the NAACP and like-minded organizations successfully defeat Walker’s Photo ID bill?

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