Mia Ryan made history when she became the first transgender reality television star to have a show on Oprah Winfrey’s network. Starring on the reality-TV series “Houston Beauty,” the hairstylist is one of a few students profiled on the show, who is close to graduating from cosmetology school. Mia’s appearance on the show has thrust her into the limelight, making her an immediate star.

But one popular gossip website used some pretty insensitive language when describing Mia and the show.

From The G-List Society:

Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of Mia Ryan, including urban gossip blog MediaTakeOut.  MediaTakeOut, allegedly mostly made up of gay bloggers including its CEO Fred, featured an outtake from a recent “Houston Beauty” episode where Mia fights fellow castmate Corey over disrespecting her friend Queensley on their blog today condemning OWN owner Oprah Winfrey for hiring a “Tranny Basketball Wives” to fight on the show.

Yup! They had the nerves to call Mia a “tranny,” a transgender slur that is well-known in media and American society.

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MediaTakeOut found itself under fire earlier this year for promoting homophobia on their blog. The site’s administrators responded by saying they would never promote homophobic behavior because most of the staff is gay.

Thoughts on MediaTakeOut’s language?

Do you believe they were being discriminatory towards the transgender community?

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