A 17-year old North Carolina high school student has made history by becoming the first transgender teen crowned Homecoming King in North Carolina.

Senior Blake Brockington was nominated by his peers this year to be East Meck High School’s 2014 Homecoming King. The announcement was made during the halftime ceremony inside the school gym Friday night. 

From WCNC:

“Throughout my life I haven’t always been treated equally as a male, so I’ve always wanted this and everybody has told me I couldn’t do it. ‘You are a girl,’ even though I’ve always identified myself as a male,” said Brockington.

[…] Brockington is no stranger to adversity.  He says he is living with foster parents because his father is unable to accept his gender identity.

His foster parent, Donald Smith, told NBC Charlotte Brockington has the perseverance to overcome the challenges he faces.

“He really is hoping that it helps those behind him going through the same challenges and struggles,” he said.

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There were 13 seniors in all going for the title of king.

Brockington won collecting the most money for Mothering Across Continents, the school’s charity. The non-profit funds the building of schools in the Sudan.

Congratulations Blake Brockington!

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