Two transgender women of color, DJ Jasmine Infiniti and her protege London Jade, were assaulted by a group of people in Brooklyn early Saturday morning. Following the attack, Infiniti will need reconstructive surgery to repair her broken jaw.

“My mouth will be wired shut,” she told Mic during a phone interview. “I have an extremely swollen face and lots of pain. I’m on a lot of medication,” she added.

No arrests have been made yet, but Infiniti says that a group of up to 10 Hispanic men and women assaulted the pair following an altercation where they called them “transformers” and other transphobic slurs.

Infiniti and Jade tried to walk past the group, who she says was drinking either vodka or tequila, before being targeted with a barrage. Instead of walking by, Infiniti responded when one of them made a comment in Spanish.

“He said, ‘Para ti? (For you?)’ to one of his friends and laughed,” Infiniti stated. “I turned around and said ‘Para quien?! (For whom?)’ Like, ‘Who is my body for?!’ Even more so, why is it a joke to you guys?”

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After the tension escalated, Infiniti started to take pictures of the group with the intention of showing the police that they were drinking alcohol with open containers in public. That’s when one member of the group knocked her phone out of her hand and started to punch her in the face. When Jade tried to intervene, a woman cut her across the leg with a box cutter. She was fortunately able to get away from the fight but was forced to leave Infiniti behind.

“People showed up on four wheelers or whatever. Cars pulled up and one ran over my phone,” Infiniti recalled. “Everybody was asking the girl what was going on. Her answer was, ‘Transformers.'”

Infiniti says her treatment wasn’t much better when police arrived. Officers appeared to be under the assumption that she and Jade were sex workers of some sort and even asked them what they were wearing before the attack.

Fortunately, no one lost their lives that night. A third trans woman who was with the pair was actually able to flee unharmed. At least 10 trans women have already been killed this year according to reports, so the threat of being the next one was on Infiniti’s mind at the time of her attack.

“I took a stand and was prepared to martyr myself,” she said. “If you’re going to kill me, just kill me. I’m tired of living in fear of someone wanting me dead … This is not just for me, it’s for the little Jasmines that come behind me, for future trans people so they don’t have to live with this.”

Instead of starting a multi-country European tour, Infiniti is going to spend the next few days in the hospital prepping for and recovering from surgery.