Records showing that Trayvon Martin had been suspended from school at the time of his death have been released.

According to records leaked to the media, marijuana residue was found in a small baggie in his backpack, leading to a ten-day suspension from school. It was during this suspension that Martin travelled to Sanford, Florida to stay with his father.

The Martin family believes this decidedly irrelevant information has been leaked to the media by the Sanford Police as a means of defaming their late son.

From the Associated Press:

“SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — The mother of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin says authorities are trying to demonize her son by leaking information to the news media that marijuana was the reason for his suspension from school.

Sybrina Fulton said Monday that unnamed investigators were trying to destroy her 17-year-old son’s reputation. Sanford police say it’s possible the information was leaked to the media, but it was not authorized.”


The family held an emotional press conference earlier today to address the leak; Trayvon’s father remarked, “Even in death, they still disrespect my son.”

Check it out below:

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Are the details of Trayvon’s Martin’s suspension from school relevant information?
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