The Trump administration released a report early Tuesday morning entitled “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism” which attempted to establish that Socialism as a terrible idea, but makes a concession that modern Socialists “denounce state brutality and would allow individuals to privately own the means of production in many industries.”

The document is confusing and ultimately functions as state-funded propaganda seeking to disparage Socialism as a whole even though it seems to praise some Democratic Socialists. The bibliography contains an interesting and contradictory list of sources, including an article by Jacobin writer Megan Day which defends Democratic Socialism as well as books about mass atrocities in Communist nations, which obviously are not quite the same system as Socialist ones.

According to Vox, the report contains confusing comparisons, laying out an incredibly simplistic and silly comparison between Elizabeth Warren and Mao Zedong largely based on both of their use of the term “exploit.” The report also compares Vox journalist Sarah Kliff and Cornell economist Robert Frank to Vladimir Lenin and Mao because they argue that single payer can reduce the costs of healthcare.

The report also makes a strange case against a single payer health care system, which if it is examined carefully actually makes a compelling case for it. In the chart, it compares American seniors to those in other countries that use single payer, without making it clear that the majority of senior citizens in America actually participate in a single-payer system called Medicare.

In essence, this “report” issued by the White House is nothing more than the frightened ramblings of hyper-capitalism, afraid that in the last days of Capitalism there is a system that actually works better for most people. It can also be read as the dying gasp of “American Exceptionalism” that this administration has been staked onto from the infancy of the Trump campaign.