With only a few days left before his inauguration, Donald Trump’s approval ratings couldn’t be much lower.

According to a CNN/ORC Poll, Trump’s approval ratings before taking office have settled at a lowly 40%, which is a whopping 44% lower than President Barack Obama. 

This makes Trump’s approval rating the lowest of any recent president, going back as far as President Clinton and as low as President George W. Bush. The data reports that Obama had an approval rating of 84% before taking office while Clinton had one of 64% while George W. Bush had 61%.

Anyone with a working concept of percentages and public opinion would likely find major concern in these numbers. Not even half of the country approves of the person who’s days away from becoming its leader. As a matter of fact, 53% of Americans have lost confidence in his abilities after he was elected.

To no surprise, the President-elect denied the validity of the numbers and has likely convinced himself that nearly all of the country supports him. But this overconfidence is actually part of why his approval numbers have declined.

“What’s happening here is the public fight that Mr. Trump is having with CNN and other media groups has taken some skin off his poll numbers and it’s gone down,” Rep. Sean Duff, a Trump supporter, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday on “New Day.”

The level of confidence in some of his campaign promises remain close to where they always were – such as his commitment to taxing companies that manufacture products in Mexico. However, Trump has a long, winding and obstacle-filled road ahead of him if he hopes to gain the approval of the American people. Starting off with less than half of the country’s support is more than an uphill climb.