In November, some members of UCLA’s Law School started wearing T-shirts in support of UCLA law professor Richard Sander. Sander’s scholarship was described as racially divisive, and some argued that the shirts were insensitive to black students. 

Now after the Team Sander t-shirt controversy, black students at UCLA Law School have organized an awareness campaign in hopes of starting a dialogue about the school’s racial climate. 

Watch the video they created:

As a result of the campaign, some of the university’s students got pissed off.

From Above the Law:

But the racist students at UCLA Law didn’t make a YouTube video. Instead, they went with the tried and true tactic of intimidation. First, people started ripping Black Law Student Association posters and flyers off of communal places around campus. Then a student reported a very disturbing story about being accosted in an elevator. Apparently, a student asked a black female UCLA law student “how it is I feel safer in my crime stricken neighborhood than I do at the law school.” Right, because berating women in an elevator is totally something that happens on “safe feeling” campuses.

But the tearing down of BLSA posters wasn’t the end of it. Last week, a tipster reported:

Yesterday morning I got an anonymous note in my school mailbox saying, “Stop being a sensitive n**ger.”

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School administrators responded to the series of incidents and said that UCLA police are investigating.

A trend of African American students rising up and speaking out about the racial climates at their schools is emerging. What can we attribute to the recent protests?

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