Umar Muhammad, 30, was rushed to a hospital in Durham, N.C. after he was involved in a road accident on Monday morning. Tragically, the new father of a 2-month-old was pronounced dead. 

Muhammad’s death has been felt throughout the community as he was a vocal activist for restorative justice. After spending five years and three months in prison on a charge of armed robbery, Muhammad has spent his time helping other formerly incarcerated people adjust to life outside.

“It is a profoundly sad day,” said Mark-Anthony Middleton, a senior pastor at Abundant Hope Christian Church.

The Herald Sun reports that he has been a community organizer for the Southern Coalition for Social Justice since 2013, but claimed he was moving on to a new opportunity.

The 11:40 accident involved Muhammad and another driver, who has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle, failure to yield right of way and driving while his license was revoked. The driver, Rodney McLaurin, reportedly hit Muhammad’s motorcycle while turning left.

“What a great man, a loving father, and a guy who wanted to lift up others,” City Councilman Charlie Reece wrote in a tweet. “What a loss for Durham.”