More information has been released regarding the tragic death of 18 year-old Ervin Jefferson.

The two private security guards who shot Jefferson have been arrested for impersonating police officers. They’d detained a group of women near the Jefferson home.

Ervin’s stepfather was arrested for firing upon them from the Jefferson home. Ervin was shot as he approached the group of women, whom he believed were there to attack his younger sister.

From NewsOne:

“Investigators have confirmed that is why the women were there, reports 11Alive.com.

Though Ervin’s mother, Candy Grimes, claimed that she saw her son being run over by a car after he was shot, DeKalb County Public Safety Director William Miller, says that Ervin crawled under the car after he was shot once in the chest, according to autopsy results.

Though it is unclear if Scott and Jackson are registered to carry firearms, Miller says that so far it seems as if they were within their rights to kill Ervin…”

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18 year-old Ervin Jefferson was shot and killed last Saturday night by private security guards outside of his home in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Though details are still scarce regarding the incident, what is known is that there was some kind of disturbance outside of Jefferson’s home. Both the security guards (working for an apartment complex down the street) and Jefferson were responding to the same disturbance. According to Ervin’s mother, Jefferson was simply trying to protect his family.

According to the guards, Jefferson began walking towards them menacingly, “making threats to kill.” The guards drew a weapon and shot Jefferson twice in the chest, killing him. It is unknown if either of the guards have been arrested.

The guards say they heard more gunshots coming from the home, and fled to their apartment complex. The family remember things quite differently, asserting that the security guards may not be the actual killers, and that Jefferson was run over by a car after he’d been shot.

From NewsOne:

“In a twist, Jefferson’s family claim that the security guards did not kill him, according to WSB-TV, and if they did, they’re lying about exactly what happened because there was a car covering the teen.

‘For one thing, the car was completely on top of him covered,’ Jefferson’s uncle, Dana Davis said.  ‘His whole body was covered.  We have yet to see his body.  No body.’

Family members say that Jefferson was unarmed.”

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Are the security guards lying about the circumstances surrounding Ervin Jefferson’s death?

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