Just in case anyone had the nerve to suggest that the re-election of President Obama meant 4 more years of post-racial bliss, some University of Mississippi students want to let you know otherwise.

Last night, some disgruntled students took to the campus streets after not enough states turned.

The angry protesters made it very clear that they weren’t happy with the re-election of a black president.

Initial reports on Twitter labeled the gathering as a “riot,” but observers said it was simply angry students assembled in protest.

Students were heard shouting racial epithets about Obama and African Americans in general. One Ole Miss student, a freshman, said some 200 male students were gathered in the parking lot at Stockard and Martin freshman dorms at about midnight yelling racial slurs related to Obama and African Americans. The student said the 200 or so gathered fled when the police arrived around midnight.

Read more at The Clarion-Ledger.

Way to go, Ole Miss.

We wish we could say we’re surprised.


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