As the search for nearly 300 missing Nigerian school girls continues, neighboring Cameroon is helping gather intelligence that may lead to the girls’ rescue.

But the addition to the search team, which consists of U.S., United Kingdom, French and Asia military intelligence, isn’t so cut and dry. 

From NBC News:

Near the Nigerian border, where Cameroon’s military was recently seeking information about the girls, villagers distrust their central government. Some support Boko Haram, the Islamist militant group that abducted the girls from their school last month, and others are terrified.

A local expert told NBC News 20 people have been assassinated after speaking to authorities over the last year.

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Violence in Cameroon isn’t new. The Boko Haram has waged several attacks in its bid to create an Islamic state in the region over the last few years.

On Friday, the group was suspected of attacking a Chinese work site in the north of the country. After a five-hour exchange of fire, authorities were investigating reports that at least one soldier from the Cameroon was killed and 10 abducted.

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