Semen matching former NFL star Darren Sharper’s DNA was found on the leggings of one of his alleged rape victims in Arizona.

The findings came during testimony from a Tempe police detective on Wednesday. 

From USA Today: 

Testing also revealed a partial DNA match for Sharper on the genitals of the same woman, who had no prior relationship with the former NFL star, said Det. Kevin Mace. The woman was one of two allegedly raped by Sharper on Nov. 21 after partying with them and drugging them with the prescription sedative zolpidem, the generic form of Ambien.

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The findings were presented in court along with other evidence as Arizona prosecutors tried to convince a judge that Sharper should be held without bail. He faces felony rape charges in California and Arizona. Sharper has been jailed in Los Angeles, where he also faces rape charges since Feb. 27, after a judge ruled that he be detained indefinitely due to his no-bail status in Arizona.

If Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Warren Granville decides to grant Sharper bail, he may be let out.

One of Sharper’s alleged rape victims known as “Victim A,” had a previous sexual relationship with Sharper. She tested negative for Ambien and had no DNA on her or in her that matched that of Sharper’s. Prosecutors say that on the night she was with Sharper, he helped her back to her apartment, where “Victim B” and “Victim C” were. After putting Victim A to bed, the victims say Sharper fixed drinks for them and insisted they consume them.

Prosecutors say Victim A later woke up naked from the waist down with her legs dangling on the edge of the bed even though that’s not how she went to bed. Victim B, who had semen matching Sharper’s DNA on the leggings she was wearing that night and on her genitals, was knocked out soon after consuming the drink Sharper gave her. She claims to not know Sharper very well. Victim C was not raped, but suspects that she was drugged.

After consuming the drink, Victim C said she soon felt loss of her motor functions, became afraid and called her boyfriend while in her bedroom. When heading to the bathroom, she witnessed Sharper on the couch, on top of Victim B, “naked, making thrusting movements.” She told her boyfriend what she saw, who confirmed the conversation with police.

All blood and urine tests for the alleged victims have not been completed. Testing found the presence of zolpidem in one of the drink cups used that night. Sharper has a prescription for the drug.

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