A few weeks ago, Macy’s and Barneys were swept up in a firestorm of controversy after four African American shoppers accused the retailers and the NYPD of racially profiling them while shopping in their store.

Actor Robert Brown was among the four to claim discrimination while making purchases, and has now filed a class action lawsuit against Macy’s.

From New York Daily News:

The African-American actor handcuffed and held in an alleged shop-and-frisk incident went nationwide Wednesday with his charges against Macy’s. Rob Brown, in a scathing new 42-page federal class-action lawsuit, charged that Macy’s “policies and practices have left … customers of color feeling victimized, humiliated, traumatized” from coast to coast.

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The Manhattan-based court filing included information related to 14 other minority customers who sued Macy’s. They also alleged that they were singled out because of their race.

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